Passages Relocation is pleased to announce that we have expanded to the United States, by opening our new office in Boca Raton, Florida.

At Destination

The purpose of destination services is to help a relocating employee and their family familiarize themselves with the new area and get settled in to their new community. To help accomplish this goal, the employer can select from a variety of services.

Home Purchase Assitance

Passages works with the transferee to assess specific home needs. Then, we will assign a real estate professional, specifically chosen from Passages’ nationwide network of relocation brokers and agents, who are best suited to fulfill the employee’s housing needs.

Rental Assistance

Passages believes that an employee who chooses not to purchase a home in the new location deserves the same level of service as those who are purchasing one. After all, finding an apartment in the right area can be just as stressful as finding a home to purchase. Passages can assign a rental professional to assist in locating suitable rental accommodations in a nice location.

Temporary Living Assistance

Sometimes an employee needs to move to a new location prior to completing the sale of their old residence. Passages can arrange for a corporate apartment or similar temporary residence that will best suit the transferring employee. Our program includes the processing and payment of all temporary living expenses, and we closely monitor these expenses in compliance with the client’s policies and procedures.

Area Counseling

Passages provides all relocating employees with answers to questions they may have about housing affordability, commute times, schools, cost-of-living, life styles, recreational activities, and any other subject related to living in the new location. Special needs or interests can be addressed to assist the family in assimilating into their new community.

Executive Counseling

This is a premium service that provides an extra level of personal attention customized to the needs of executives and their families. Special services can include: booking accommodations, providing transportation, setting up personalized shopping tours, finding recreational and cultural facilities, assisting with school selection, and other specific tasks as needed.

Mortgage Assistance

The sheer number of products to choose from in the mortgage arena can be overwhelming for most employees. Passages has established relationships with a network of national lenders inclusive of Canada’s largest banks, insurance firms, pension funds, private lenders and more. This network has earned preferred rates from most lenders.

Expense Management, Tracking and Reporting

The Expense Management Program provided by Passages is performed in accordance with the most current tax and accounting regulations. Passages tracks and reports all of the employee’s relocation related expenses and generates the required individual tax information and schedules. Their clients can dictate the format and frequency of those reports as needed for financial and operational purposes.

Closing Services

Passages offers the coordination of the selection of an experienced relocation lawyer and payment of approved expenses related to the purchase of a new home, including legal fees and disbursements. This saves your employees from the burden of coordinating these services on their own while their mind is already on settling in to their new location.