Passages Relocation is pleased to announce that we have expanded to the United States, by opening our new office in Boca Raton, Florida.


Is there a significant difference in using Passages as opposed to dealing directly with a mover or van line?

Yes. Passages is an independent move management company and is not restricted by the policies and availability of any single brand moving company or van line. Passages only selects the best carriers and follows each and every aspect of a move to make certain the best interests of their corporate clients are looked after, from start to finish.

How does Passages select their carriers?

We base our selections on quality of service, years of industry experience and a stringent carrier review process. All suppliers have excellent industry reputations and proven performance track records for superior service delivery.

Is Passages cost competitive?

Yes. Passages has negotiated extremely competitive rates for the quality of service delivered.

Does Passages provide cross-border services?

Yes. Passages provides excellent service delivery on moves to or from Canada and the USA, as well as moves within the USA. Sixty percent of our annual moves are cross border.

Does Passages provide international moving services?

Absolutely. Passages offers support services for corporations’ assignees and their families for both permanent and temporary moves anywhere in the world. Our services are customized to meet a client’s strategic global objectives and cost-control goals. We have formed partnerships with other world-class service providers to give Passages’ clients access to extensive resources from the beginning of a global assignment to its successful completion.

What preparation needs to done in advance of my move?

In most cases, a pre-move, in-home survey needs to be performed by a professional move consultant. The walk through usually takes about ½ hour to 1 hour, during which the move consultant carefully ascertains what items are being moved and what special services may be needed, such as crating and uncrating, appliance servicing, etc.

Is there any packing or other work I need to do in advance of the arrival of the moving crew?

No. Depending on the relocation policy of your employer, most companies provide a full pack, unpack and appliance service.

Can I choose the dates I would like to pack and load and take delivery and unpack?

Yes. As long as you are requesting time frames that meet the legal and work statutes of road safety. We will work towards ensuring that your preferred start times (i.e. 9:00 a.m.) are met. We are extremely proud of our track record of meeting requested dates.

Can my goods be stored temporarily?

Yes. Again, depending on your company’s moving policy, temporary storage referred to as storage-in-transit can be provided for up to 60 days. If a longer time is required, then long-term storage can be provided for an indefinite period of time.

Can I transport my pet?

Yes. Depending on your company’s relocation policy and on any existing laws and regulations that may apply (i.e. vaccinations, importation laws etc.).

Can I transport my plants?

Most movers will carry plants as long as this does not break any import laws and regulations. However, plants will be transported strictly at owner’s risk. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee incidents due to environmental factors.