Passages Relocation is pleased to announce that we have expanded to the United States, by opening our new office in Boca Raton, Florida.


Does Passages provide a single point of contact for the company and also for the transferee?

Absolutely. Each transferee will be assigned a personal relocation manager to offer advice and guidance throughout the move. The corporate client also has a single point of contact.

Can Passages provide bilingual (French/English) services to our transferees?

Oui. Nous communiquons dans les deux langues officielles.

How accessible are your counsellors in all the time zones in North America?

Each transferee’s personal relocation manager will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in all time zones with emergency mobile service availability after hours.

Do you allow open broker choice for the listing of an employee’s home?

Yes. Passages will work with the transferee’s choice of listing agent. We feel it is very important for the transferee to list with a realtor they are comfortable with as long as the agent is experienced with relocation. Should the transferee not have an agent of choice, Passages will be more than happy to assign a quality agent.

Does Passages offer one-stop shopping?

Yes. Passages is a full-service relocation company providing a total and seamless relocation solution from start to finish, door to door.

Can Passages update, critique or write a relocation policy for us?

Yes. Passages has experienced and knowledgeable personnel on staff to develop, critique or update corporate relocation policies. Passages can also provide consulting services for policy trends and development.

How does Passages choose its service providers and how do you monitor their performance?

Passages’ service providers are considered vital team members in the delivery of outstanding service to our transferees. They are selected through a stringent evaluation process and constantly monitored via employee feedback.

How available are your counsellors to transferees?

Each Personal Relocation Manager assigned to a transferee will make the initial contact within 24 hours of the corporate request. From then on, the Personal Relocation Manager will be available throughout the working day at the office and after hours in an emergency situation. Calls will be returned within a 2-to-3 hour time frame.

Tell me about the training and experience your staff have received.

Our counsellors have a minimum of ten years experience in the moving and/or relocation industry. They all understand the sensitivities of a household move and bring with them understanding and empathy to a sometimes stressful situation. Ongoing training is also provided through organizations such as CERC, HRPA and Worldwide ERC.

Is Passages owned by or affiliated with a supplier network?

No. Passages is not owned by a real estate conglomerate, financial institution or a major van line. Passages’ strength lies in its unique position to be totally objective in the relocation market. Passages uses MoveTrak Relocation Software Management and Tracking.

Can I deal with one person throughout my relocation?

Yes. You will be assigned a Personal Relocation Manager to assist you and your family throughout the relocation.

What should I do if I receive an offer before the appraisals are complete?

Contact your Personal Relocation Manager immediately for advice.

When can I put my property on the market?

Some circumstances may call for a different approach, but generally once the appraisals and broker market opinion are complete, the property can be listed.

If my house closes in the old location after my closing in the new location, what happens? Who manages the vacant property? How do I get my equity to close? How do I close in the old location?

Call your Personal Relocation Manager as soon as you are aware of closing dates. Depending on your company policy, equity can be advanced to your lawyer in the new location, and Passages can arrange for vacant property maintenance. Additionally, a Power of Attorney can be signed to transfer title in the old location at the time of closing. This is applicable in most provinces.

Where can I get a list of miscellaneous relocation expenses?

Ask your Personal Relocation Manager for details. Our special MoveTrak Relocation Software Management and Tracking covers this.

What happens if I receive an offer on the week-end?

You can sign with a conditional clause to Passages approving your offer, or in an emergency, you can call the mobile number you were provided.

When, how much and how can I receive an Equity Advance?

Depending on your company policy, equity advances are based on the guaranteed offer issued on the property, less any mortgage(s) and outstanding encumbrances. For home finding trips, once there is an offer accepted, the amount required for a deposit with an offer will be advanced. For closing, the full amount of the equity based on the Guarantee Price offer will be advanced to the lawyer in trust. Seven days notice is required for advances.

What if you take over my home at the guaranteed price and it sells for more once I am gone?

Gain on sale from the guaranteed offer is generally based on company policy. Depending on company policy, the transferee would receive the gain, less operating expenses, i.e. utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance, carrying costs, etc.

Can I track my shipment of furniture?

Call your Personal Relocation Manager for details. Some movers provide direct on-line tracking for transferees. Others provide communication only through Passages.

What does Passages do for my spouse?

Your Personal Relocation Manager is available to counsel your spouse and to provide you with all the benefits and entitlements in your company’s relocation policy.

What if my house doesn’t sell and I have to move?

Your company policy will dictate benefits. Under a Guaranteed Price program, Passages will initiate a take-over, release equity and facilitate closing in the new and old locations.